A San Francisco Architect’s Baja Adventure

A San Francisco Architect’s Baja Adventure

We are a big fan of vernacular architecture and a huge proponent of preserving natural landscape. Below is the first take on our exciting road trip from San Francisco to Cabo San Lucas, you can see the gorgeous landscape reminiscent of Georgia O’Keeffe’s work in New Mexico. The best part starts after Ensenada, when you start getting away from first world junk to find vernacular architecture, desert landscape , no wifi (or gas) and not a soul for miles. There is zero light pollution at night which is a visual treat when the freeway runs adjacent to the ocean. Besides, the awe-inspiring natural wonders of the geyser ancient cave paintings whale watching, camping in Baja Concpecion, and La Paz there were opportunities to go off-road and eat at local eateries (with flies and all). The entire trip was an immense indulgence in culture and nature  for a much needed inspiration and served as a reminder of real values for the built environment.

A San Francisco Architect's Baja Adventure


HB +A Architects is an interdisciplinary San Francisco Architectural practice involved in design and research that aims to yield innovative, iconic buildings and urban environments. With founder Hafsa Burt serving as design director, the firm today consists of design professionals, who remain committed to the practice of architecture as a collaborative and innovative enterprise. Seeking to build projects worldwide, the firm specializes in Green building beyond LEED certification and Indoor Air Quality, targeting “healthy Buildings”. HB +A Architects is a dynamic and evolving practice that responds to the current social and technological conditions, as a commentary in their work. As a small-sized firm, the firm has the ability to provide hands-on, principal involvement from start to finish.

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